Németh, Gábor

“But I thought that writing was not a sufficient condition for Major Writerhood at all, writing did not make a writer, writing was more of an unpleasant side-effect which even the best couldn’t avoid sometimes, when there were no excuses, we would have to write something, so there was a story but it was really just fooling around.” (Németh Gábor)

Németh, Gábor ( Budapest, 23. 11. 1956)

Writer, editor. He earned a degree in Hungarian literature and history from the Teacher Training Institute of Budapest and completed his studies at the Balint Gyorgy School of Journalism in 1983. He has been a collaborator of various periodicals since 1980, editor of Exit ’84 since 1986 and of the JAK fuzetek in 1991, editor of the prose column of Magyar Naplo since 1991.

Zsigmond Móricz Fellowship, 1989
Young Dramatists’ Fellowship, 1992-93
Soros Fellowship, 1995
IRAT Niveau Prize, 1991