The reception databank

The Reception Databank constantly monitors, collects and processes the foreign acceptance of Hungarian literature – currently in German, French, English and Italian-speaking countries – and makes it available as a database to experts and the general public.

Carefully selected from more than 50 German-language publications issued in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the approximately 1,000 items from the Eastern-European Collection of the Vienna Literaturhaus – collected and processed manually between 1989 and 1997 – constitute the corpus of the database. The collection work in German-speaking countries was carried out from 1998 by the Contemporary Literary Centre, and then from 2000 by the Museum of Literature Petőfi, and the processing of English and French newspaper articles was also begun. In order to expand and complete the material, we have established connections with various German, French and English publishing houses which publish Hungarian literature. At present, the database contains reviews of Hungarian books published in translation in German, French and English-speaking regions, literary and journalistic writings by Hungarian authors published in foreign papers, and interviews with Hungarian writers. In addition to the continuous collection work, we also plan to complete the database with other languages. The complete digitised text of original articles is available to the public in the Library of the Museum of Literature Petőfi.