Lázár, Ervin

It must have happened the way I read tales and novels simultaneously, I started writing for children while being engaged in the so-called literature for adults. The statement that has been explained so many times “you should write in the same manner for both adults and children” is self-evident for me. There is literature and there are things which fall outside of this realm. Well, once we are within these boundaries, the genre does not matter at all.

Lázár, Ervin (Budapest , 5 May 1936 - † Budapest, 22 December 2006)

Writer. He grew up in Alsórácegrespuszta, Tolna county. He received a teacher’s diploma from ELTE University. From 1958 he worked in Pecs for Dunántúli Napló, Esti Pécsi Napló and Jelenkor magazines.
He started working as a freelance writer from 1971. Member of the Új Idők editorial staff from 1989. Between 1989-1990 he worked for Magyar Fórum, he has been the editor of Hitel since 1992. He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.
He is married to writer Vathy Zsuzsa. Reality and fantasy form a unity in his works. Linguistic humor, playful presence of the absurd and thriving imagination characterize his multifaceted prose. He is a master of tales. The philosophical content and the impressive symbolic universe he created make his works an enjoyable reading for both adults and children.
His books have been translated to many languages, they have been put on stage and adapted to film.

Attila József Prize, 1974
Artistic Foundation Literary Prize, 1980
State Youth Prize, 1981
Tibor Déry Prize, 1990
New Hungarian Musical Prize, 1991
Literary Life’s Work Prize (Soros), 1992
MSZOSZ Prize, 1995
Kossuth Prize, 1996
Prize for Hungarian Art, 1998
Pro Literatura Prize, 1999
Prima Primissima Prize, 2005