Hungarian emigrant writers and their works

The databank consists of the enlarged and revised biographical and bibliographical sections of the Lexicon of Hungarian Emigrant Literature published in 2000.

The database considers all writers to be Hungarian who were born within the borders of Hungary at a given time, regardless of which language they wrote in and the nationality they claimed in one phase or another of their lives. We interpret the word ‘emigrant’ in its original sense (i.e. a person who leaves his native country in order to live in another one) and thereby believe it applicable to those who leave the country whether because of political or economic pressure, their studies, the unification of their families or a pure love of adventure. In contrast to the commonly held view, we considered as writers representatives of different literary genres (poetry, prose, drama, etc.), almost all social science scholars, theologians and authors of devotional works, those in press and publishing, eminent figures in the organisation of cultural life, and also university lecturers of humanities.