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In the Károlyi Palace we present the inspiring memories of our past (György Károlyi, László Bártfay, literary salon life, Lajos Batthyány, the lifestyle of the reform-period aristocracy, reform-period architecture, etc.) to all who are interested in bygone days, and also to teach the young to love the Hungarian language and to appreciate literature in imposing, aesthetic surroundings.

In cooperation with contemporary literary organisations, our adult visitors can attend series of workshops, now long established: Párbeszélgetés [Conversation] and Fiatalok lapja [Press for the Young]. In the event entitled Írók a nagyvilágból – Írók a nagyvilágért [Writers of the World – Writers for the World], we speak to Hungarian writers, poets and literary translators who live abroad.

We consider it important to provide contemporary authors with a forum, and to organise book premieres, literary evenings and round-table discussions. The Literary Salon presents our exhibitions and collections to secondary school teachers of Hungarian literature and language. We have film presentations where we show selections from our archive, as well as literary film presentations connected with our exhibitions.

The Palace Garden Evenings series is arranged for the summer months. On a stage set up in the garden before an auditorium with a capacity of 500, concerts of classical, jazz and folk music guarantee wonderful summer-evening entertainment and recreation. As part of our summer programme, we have launched the Cabaret Museum series. This takes place on a small stage set up in the Károlyi Restaurant and Café with the aim of creating the feeling of a literary cabaret. The repertory containing works by well-known writers conjures up the atmosphere of the 1910s and 1920s through songs, chansons and short scenes. We hope to make a tradition of the Literary Picnic. This takes place on World Museum Day, where twenty-six different events await visitors: e.g. unusual presentations, competitions, photography on the movie-set-like service of Aeropim, caricature drawing, exhibitions (even improvised ones) in ‘extreme’ venues in the Palace, and voicemail from our literary voice recordings. In 2003, to coincide with Saint Ivan’s day (Midsummer’s Day) and as part of the programme called the Long Night of the Museums, there was a performance entitled Literary Marathon, in which thirty-six celebrated Hungarian writers read their works aloud to an unflagging audience from six o’clock in the evening till one o’clock in the morning. Our summer programme is designed to offer entertaining events to people of all ages, whether from Budapest, other parts of Hungary or abroad.

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