The digital library

So far, writers and poets performing their own works have not really been available on the Hungarian Internet. The Digital Voice and Picture Library is a new Internet service provided by the Museum of Literature Petőfi. Through its interactivity, it offers an original approach for lovers of literature.

 The combined presentation of pictures, sounds and texts adds a new dimension to reading and listening. The website aims to make audiovisual recordings of representatives of Hungarian literature on the Net. The number of authors to be found on the page is continually increasing, and work on the English, German and French versions of the main pages is in progress. In Europe, there are similar ideas, for example, which has recently joined the EU ‘Culture 2000 Programme’. The Digital Voice and Picture Library of the Museum of Literature Petőfi is an official associate of With their Irish, Danish, Welsh and Viennese partners, they are working on the formation of a joint website.