Our homepage

The Museum homepage is updated regularly: there, visitors can find information on our collections, catalogues, permanent and temporary exhibitions and programmes, as well as on our publications, scientific life and conferences.

 The site features free-of-charge electronic data services, which both the casually interested and researchers may find useful. Among the databanks – Hungarian Emigrant Writers and their Works, The Tombs of Hungarian Writers, Budapest Topography, A Bibliography of Contemporary Writers – our site’s best-sellers, so to speak, are the Hungarian Genealogy Databank, and an article database Hungarian Writers’ Personal Bibliography, which includes 231 authors and 251 sources of periodicals. The Hungarian Biographical Index helps researchers to find their way around the sometimes vast forest of reference books; at present, the database includes 156,964 names and 638 sources. The Museum of Literature Petőfi website provides reliable, quality information; a fact which is borne out by the 28,000–30,000 visitors to the site every year.